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In the case of corruption within the Army, they are open from compromising with the commander-in-chief's audio. National



In a series of sweeping audios this Thursday, hundreds of officers, commanders-in-chief of the army, were related to an exhibition in front of the officers, Ricardo MartinezAccepting some of the irregularities that took place during the last time in the organization, and giving details about possible cases which could be exposed in the coming days.

According to the filter records published by the portal ClinicMost military authorities address corruption in armed forcesThere are also some unprecedented relationships in the uniforms with internal sections and organized crime.

Next, we review the words of General Martinez on various topics addressed in a meeting with some of his observers on Tuesday:

Ready Arms For Drug Trafficking

– "We have information that there are officers and permanent cadres who buy weapons by legitimate channels, after which they are lost, but what they do is selling them to drug dealers, criminals groups … that we are about to Talking. "

"Disciplined army is a gang of very dangerous people."

DeFalcos and more cases anticunication

– "For me, the last seven months have not been easy, everything has to be faced … and they come in more … FAM (mutual help fund) is a case in Milicot that does not know how far it goes away … everything is active … "

Question Travel

– "We are doing everything possible with the Office of the Controller General Office of the Republic, and I have also used that, so what were the references to travel to the Academy of Defense and Political Academy, such as they have not been carried out or the decisions of this account have not been conducted (…) I spoke to the Controller, Controller could understand the causes, but it appears that someone had opposed it. "

Corruption in Other Rescue Courts

– "Is it possible to find similar situations in other organizations? Answer, yes, what happens is that our investigation is underway."

High pension casters

– "The truth is that the pension system we have is unstable, it is not with the realities of the country (…) should be a strategic, it is good to be safe, pension, pension is something that needs to be taken care of Teeth, if it is necessary to extend military careers, so that the essence of our pension remains in force, we must do it. "

Eventual damage to internal sections

– "I am not anyone who, even those (rumors about the break between officers and the NCS). I do not allow officers and non-commissioning officers (to allow any momentum to be placed between the momentum) …) I proceed with this fact Do not want to be happy about it. "

Crasnoff Tribute to former Director of Military School and Chrysisamam

– "I can not permit, though, although individual expressions are legitimate, they come to the framework of military school (…) I knew (the German villier, who was then the Director of Esquilla Miller) knew the script, do not tell me I do not know, I know that they were speaking A, B and C that they would read the letters and lay their hands on the shirt, and have closed words, the last time they had to do what they had What was to be done (…) what happened is unacceptable. "

Defense Minister: "Keeping the facts in the past"

Defense Minister, Alberto espina, Refers to the publication of journalism, which indicates that the commander in chief told him that these events had happened in the past and that they were in the hands of justice.

Check out an Audios of General Martinez, where he refers to the alleged sale of weapons by the members of the army, who gives them "to lose" drug trafficking. * Guinitese the Clinic

General Martinez: "There are officials who buy arms through legal channels (…) and sell them in the Marcus Group"

Records were received from the General Ricardo Martínez's exhibition against hundreds of organization's executives. They refer to the corruption of some unprecedented relations of uniforms with armed forces, internal divisions and drug trafficking.

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