Tuesday , February 7 2023

Is the parent's children different from the country's worst mental health list?


Recent studies show that Chilean children suffer the worst mental health in the world. Research conducted in 24 countries by the director of the Psychiatry Department at the University of Chile, Monica Kimmelman and doctor of child psychology Felipe Lacnellier, asks that this reality affects most of the parents of the children, in a traditionally designed family, the younger children living with both parents.

If the experts of the study suggest that to overcome this situation, responsible adult children should use early emotional education; So, it is possible to think that different parents are emotionally less likely to use parental couple at the time of breaking and after that work.

With the experience of divorced parents and children of different parents, which we have declared, even though divorced, parents can continue to use their children with a good protective and educational role, and in any case the emotional nature is different to accommodate the children. Will not rely on different different ones

It is clear that during the couple's break, their members will focus on their immediate pain and need to try to solve the environment brought about by the reconstruction of the family. But this type of pain and rehabilitation should not be bigger than other parents' experience in the face of other important and high-impact events in their lives, such as losing a job, change of country, big ailments and death. A dear, moments where adult adults participate naturally for the specific time of their children's strengths.

Problems arise, however, for a variety of different or different things in a few different areas of different and different zygosas Different types of different types In different different different different different different different different different different different

And more particularly, especially to children, when some parents use children as part of the fight, they put them in the middle of a couple's struggle and thus, often, young children must face courts, announcements and expert views. .

In these cases, due to the possible development of children, due to the absence of adults, develops such symptoms as suggested in the study of psychological problems of Chile's children, such as aggression, anxiety and depression. Emotional consistency and consistency in their children.

At the same time, there are many parents separated by reaching a compromise agreement by what is known as a "associate different", where children do not suffer more psychological consequences, which have to adapt to different reality and are generally sad, both Parents are in the same house But where they continue in collaboration with both parents, despite their difficulties with new family structure, failing to fulfill their role of supporting, protecting, educating and helping their children, and in that sense, to ensure their mental health

In this way, Chilean children, who are children of different parents, should not be in the list of top people in the list of people with poor mental health in Chile, and they will not be part of them, but they are in the risky area. Therefore, those who face this situation should take preventive measures that will help their children to cope with their different processes without being affected.

In preventive measures, for example, there is a clear plan to carry out the concrete change of home (either one of the couple's or the family's family's departure)): A plan that both the parents should explicitly agree to communicate to the children, Compliance, which is to reduce the pain caused by the uncertainty of the changes in children It will help.

Other preventive actions should be targeted to include children's sentences, clarify future changes, and clarify about visits to each parent and their related families.

It is clear that there are different segregated and different from many different and different people in different places in many different places in many different places in many different and different different and different different and different different places.

In turn, in recent studies, there is a separate wake-up call for each parent, to find the necessary tools to connect better with the needs of their children, separately or not, and thus, we have the mental health of the young children in our country and We can change useless figures. We can not take that first place!

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