Thursday , January 21 2021

It is the charge of the company's money

Miguel & # 39; Negro & # 39; Belan Hadido became famous after marrying Pinera. However, the situation did not end well, because after 10 years of marriage, Argentina got divorced against the excess use of musicians, physical violence and alcohol.

Except television, the former model has a big turn in life. In fact, Bethlehem married a businessman Pablo Orme, with whom he has two children.

Besides this, she started working in accounting of her husband's company six years ago. In an interview with La Quartan newspaper, Hydago explained that "I want to make paperwork, monitor work and go with him in business meetings." However, he was assured that he would not be an expert because "I like it, but I'm not passionate".

On the relationship with Miguel Peñor, Traceanda reminded an incident of violence in 2010: "With so many more drinks, he pushed me and killed me and started slapping me with slips. I requested him not to kill me, leave me alone," M added the former model.

In addition, Belle admitted that she missed the television "because she was a very beautiful stage, but now I really enjoy this moment, I will take advantage of my children's and school activities such as school materials or friends' birthdays."

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