Wednesday , January 20 2021

It reached well: Arturo Viadle arrived with Barcelona at Barcelona's Christmas dinner

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Jose Jordan | Agence France-Press

Europe does not rest in football, and in the pre-season Christmas, Barcelona's Arturo Vidal will find La Liga's 17th round in the Celta di Vigo.

But before the duel, the Catalan team celebrated its traditional Christmas meal between the players and coaching staff. The basement came in Via Veneto restaurant located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona.

Until there arriving Arturo Vital. But Chilean did not come alone because, according to Mundo Déportivo, the national midfielder appeared with Argentina Lionel Messi.

South Americans came together in a diet, in a sample, both of which have a good relation outside of the field. At dinner time they were absent Samuel Udyati, Which arises from his injury in Qatar, and Brazilian Philip Cotinho, Who was out of Barcelona.

Osman Debele, He is known for the delay in the team, for which he has been fined, he came in second place in the last place. Who came last Arthur.

Barcelona receives this Celta Saturday 22 December to 2:30 pm At Camp Nou Stadium. The Catlins wants to continue on La Lega's steering, in which they take Seville to three points ahead of Atteco de Madrid.

Mundo Depotio
Mundo Depotio

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