Friday , February 26 2021

It triggers a big tragedy like the Paris found in Greenland

A hole was found in Greenland recently than the city in Paris.

The fact that it was now in the bottom of the ice hawaiavara of the Hindavara is not yet serious.

The radar images obtained from the island's rock were searched and astronomers discovered a 31-kilometer diameter. That would be a crashThere may be some fruit Asteroid asteroid 1.5 km wide.

If confirmed, the first set of feathers will be the first Ice layers Our planet covers the earth.

This discovery was published in the magazine Science advanceThe team behind the research which has staff from various universities and museums around the world has not yet been dealt with All their secrets will disappear.

A secret to solve …

"Horse It is very well preserved It's astonishing, because the iceberg's icebergs are incredibly efficient waste wastage, which can quickly eliminate the ruins of the impact, "said Prof Kurt H. Kajar of the Geoinetics Center at the Dantas Natural History Museum.

Graphical entertainment is a crutch to the extent that they believe.

The National Museum of Denmark
There are more than 31 km in diameter with 25 major impact craters on earth.

The geologist's idea leads to the claim that the Earth is a meteorite to be destroyed Quartz remains They are found in the water of the Himalaya glacier, and they seem to be under great pressure.

Scientists believe that this can only be explained by great influence.

But there is one important thing that can not be disclosed: The moment the collision occurs.

They believe that 12,000 years ago or three million years ago. But they say that they do not get much accurate to build up to 1,000 meters of snow that they allow to take samples from the crater.

… it will explain many other things

If it happened 12,000 years ago, PleistoceneIt may be a young universe and may be a description of other phenomena that took place at the same time.

Productivity of quartz debris.

The National Museum of Denmark / NASA
The researchers believe the quartz found in the glacier is a remnant.

Doctor of Cardiff University of the United Kingdom Ian McDonald also believes that he can explain Go back to the glacial age.

"If it's possible to establish that it's too young, it can be tied to a weather phenomenon we call it Kitchen, The cooling of the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere lasted for a thousand years, "said the researcher at the radio program Today BBC

He was in the same period They mocked the mammoth. McDonald's believes the crash was discovered, and the cause of its extinction The disappearance of a civilizationThe oldest clobus in North America, which lived about 14,000 years ago.

Earlier, he warned that they should be able to get the rock and precisely determine the consequences of believing that a meteor has happened.

Hunt place.

If confirmed, it will be a crack north of the land discovered.

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