Friday , May 7 2021

Ivan Zamoros Massages All Known Teeththone Operators in Telethon

Being a telethon operator is a difficult task, because it often passes several hours without sleep.

For example, an activity during the afternoon, animator Francisco Sawadra He admitted that he did not sleep forever, though some of his companions fled for a while.

Knowing how difficult this work would be, the historians of telephone operators "Captain", former football player Ivan Zemmona He gave his companions a singular gift.

According to Sawadra, LUN was told that the athlete had given them all the massage. "We only expressed regret that Ivan (Zamora) had taken us to a massage to get rid of the strain. Then we continue to go with him for twenty minutes"He commented.

"He smiles my back, Fernando Gaudís spoiled him after imitating Ivan and Mon Lieft in the foot. Indeed, two captains, the historical one, which is Bam Bum and Goda, this year, seven"He added.

"They also came with some delicious sushi and blood vessels. We have not passed through hunger," added animators who spoke in places.

Michael Adams commented that the use of the massage from the Chilean showball team was Carlos Zara. "I did not massage because my back was not hurt, but they told me that it was dry," he said.

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