Wednesday , January 27 2021

Javiera Dias de Valdez's abuse victim couple 8 months after the accident: "She's ready". TV and Shows

In May 2018, Javiera Dias di Valdes was involved in a traffic accident with a young motorcyclist Felipe Mancilla Doner while traveling with his girlfriend in the Peléon district, for a situation he had to face in the lawsuits brought. Affected mother

After making several decisions to reach the contract after 8 months of the incident, and after the incident, the parts still have not succeeded in reaching the 30 lakhs weight compensation contract, whose actress will be asked Hidden truths.

It was Norma MillenYouth couple condemned this situation Intruders, To ensure that the young person passes through a delicate phase, which makes them self-conscious and disappointed, primarily due to injuries suffered by accident and damage.

"He is now in bed, equipped with depression"Guaranteed girl about Mancilla State."All this affects you a lot. There is no longer waiting for a trial. They do not want to reach a compromise agreement with us and the truth is that it is very bad for all of them mentally. It does not work"Young lady added.

Against this statement the network program tried to communicate with Javiera, but the artist chose to pass its version to the judicial mess, in which there is a reaction which is very necessary. "I'm not going to give you an interview, I think what you do is offensive", She went to talk to her who threatened the journalist.

Note that young motorcyclists should still take at least 3 more surgeries to take note Intruders, For which his total recovery is still being removed.

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