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Karerow Blanco and Jamie Gasman are «newspaper and radio and Chile


France gave shelter to Chilean Ricardo Palma Salamanca. Satisfaction with the legitimacy of the fight against military dictatorship. Our institutional situation was tasteless and bitter. It is a concern for a nation that claims to be a corrupt country, a history that demands democracy and a democracy.

Our democracy has no reliance on abroad, anyway. This is the most relevant.

It is bad for a criminal to ask a refugee to be canceled. The sovereignty of the countries to refrain, the situation of the person who is about to escape should not be interrupted. The second state is not part of the refugee. Neighbors do not like a guest in receiving a person in your home because you are informed that you will be brought to court.

The geographically and ideologically remote countries, like Switzerland, Cuba, India, and Argentina. James and Francis refused to hand over people to Chile by charging Jaime Guzman.
The government and UD must read clearly: The world understands this as a legitimate act against an endless totalitarianism. There is no other possible read.
Even the right-wing governments such as Migri Macronn, or Mikroon, have given them inspection inquiries. Chilean right is an international morality in its own right, and can not defame Pinochet dictatorship.

On July 14, the National Anthem of France sang the song of defenses. It clearly raises the arms against the Nazis. That is Pinochet's dictatorship. Fascism once admits that, a country does not seize a person who has fascist attacks. Certainly they ask, because today Chile is pinning Pinochet's opponents?

The desire for self-involvement in this system can be either too much or very simple to analyze, or both at the same time. Military opponents Ricardo Palma Salamanganga's rival and opponent will not otherwise understand the statements made by Deputy Borys on the refugee.

Guzman was a senator, and it was a fabulous election system. During the dictatorship I died, tortured, confessed, prisoners in jail, and drove thousands of others. Gasmann did not want to change, he even wanted the political prisoners to stay in his simplest manner, even encouraging his justice. He was a promoter of a coup who knows that it will cause a mass killer.

Dictatorship has not expired at the time of execution. Pinochet was shot down by a soldier in the army and fomenting genocide. The Supreme Court had given their Pinochet name, which they chose at Senate or legislature with a binomial deceit. They are harassing policemen in the exercise. The commanders of the armed forces were consistent. When it was necessary to prosecute Pinochet's son, the threat to the President of the Republic and the State Council had to be abandoned by judicial proceedings. You can not talk about Senator, Democracy, and Murder.

At the time of historical significance, the death of Jaime Gusman in Spain was not different from that of Admiral Las Carrigo Blanco in Spain (1973). Two crores also prevented a democratic transformation.

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