Monday , January 25 2021

Katalyina Palisios talked about her marriage break: "I'm not looking for anything, I do not expect anything"

He married an actor Nicholas Bosman In April 2017 Six months later, in October, she had only her daughter. By May 2018, the marital link of former television personality Katalina Palasis broke.

"I have been separated for seven months, it's been a while", He suggested: Mon. However, she emphasized that "today I am alone, I'm not looking for anything, I do not expect anything, But if a particular man is seen, obviously I can not close the door. "

She did not give reasons for the break with her ex-husband, she simply emphasized that "it was done by mutual agreement".

The best thing for her to do was to support her family and friends. "It is important to be as active as possible and work in any crisis of life, not only in emotional relationships, you do not need to be stuck in state"Supplemental

But his inspiration did not get infected by the rest of the pain caused by the rest. He locked himself, "because Emotions are experiencing them experiencing, do not immerse them. I stayed in my house alone. "

His introspection period lasted three months and, despite having married in 2016, he married in 2017 and separated in 2018, he does not feel that he has run away for the moments.

"I think there is no time for love, there is no time to become a parent. It's a human myth, which is something to be and something to do, "he said.

He is currently involved in the production of events, including his participation in Team McKay Tour. It gets help from his partner and his former work. "She's an excellent father, Appa, she lives with her every time she travels or works"He told the man that "I always respect".

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