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Kathy Salos and Luchho Zara kiss reunion in National Glamor

Author: A.C. / December 2, 2018

"Long and wet." With these words, Kate Salto told the last kiss at the National Stadium last night.

It was a beautiful moment that marked the reunion on the screen during ex-colleagues of the former colleagues of mutuists and friends in 2018.

Drivers shared the first Teleton theater during the broadcast, and then it was one of the couples who turned to the stage on the sports platform:

Cathy Salos: "This is the gift of everyone, and this is my gift today (point to point)"

Luca Jara: "Today we are happy to be in this stadium, which brings us many fun … but you are asking for something that I want long ago. Do we do that?"

Salicy: "Yes!"

Just: "We do that for all children's love and we love each other"

Salicy: "Especially because we love each other"

Just: "But let it be long and wet"

Salicy: "Will I give it to the animator that I will give to the singer?

Just: "Give it to me."

They give each other a long kiss

Just: "Kathy, please!"

Salicy: "How delicious!"

Mega morning executive producer, Pablo Alvarado, asked to leave Salo's Del Mukto Gusto.

Today, the Model No Coolpies on Cheerleader TV Note is against La La Noche, while Jara announced that it would take a few months from the program.

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