Sunday , May 16 2021

Ketterbaro accuses Katrilanka of murder: "There are people who made us wrong

Former Sergeant Carlos Elacon – Camilo Catrillanca accused of being the author of the content of the assassination – guaranteed that In the video leaked on Sunday "things still need to come".

In the register, GOPE's colleagues were sent, he emphasized his innocence and accused that "things still need to come out, because you know we do not behave as a bad or offender".

"You know I'm a criminal here or not Here people have lied us, we have given false statements and now we are the worst, the most dangerous for citizenship"He guaranteed.

Alukon is in preventive detention at the second police station in Tecuça – where he recorded the video – after formalizing it on Friday, three of his colleagues with GOPE for the crime of the community of the Mapouche community

"I am very sad because of this process that nothing remains in the country today. Unfortunately, you can not go back in time, only there is faith in God that it will succeed, "he adds.

For the support of fellow GOPE, the former Sergeant said that he "is passing through this difficult, terrible area, I can not give it to anyone".

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