Sunday , June 20 2021

Kilian ambassador, Marco Ascencio, Paul Bogba: The fatal attack on the transfer market that the jouetus is preparing

MEGA-Sign Cristiano Ronaldo He does not sell in the last pass mark JuentusInstead of finding a home, the house would have been trying to expel the house Polo Disbalan.

The newspaper says Tutus port, Vecchia signatories to sign a signature Kilian Mupppa (PSG), Marco Asuncio (Real Madrid) Roger Federer has been replaced by Argentine.

According to the Italian newspaper, The bianconero group long wanted Mbappé. Interestingly, Spanien will have to compete with Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Internazionale clubs. However, the player continues to Real Madrid and is united as a starter.

But two young Strikers and Masimilliano do not like Alexander's aspirations. Coriander Delo Sport On this day Paulo Bogba would have been his "Yes" Bring the next European winter market back.

They will try to sign the French in Turin in the coming monthsClubs Club players who have played for another team in European competitions in the same season are in a strong idea after the decision of UEFA.

Jummán wants to win the Champions League They hope to strengthen themselves in every way to achieve their goals.

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