Sunday , January 17 2021

Lanzaron 0800 para responder preguntas frequentes sobre el Hantavirus

El Ministerio de Salud del Chubut, a trait of Contemporary Contributors for Hantavirus in Cuba, and a new-found information about the infection between the infected person and the infectious epidemology of infection: the telephonica 0800- 222-0690.

Los interesados ​​pueden llamar a este 0800 de lunes a viernes, in the horoscope of 9:30 a 18, the professors of the professions of the denderer, for the capacitados and the respiration of an epidemiologic epidemologic disorder, the prevalence and precautionary measures Acción a seguir.

Vale recorder is the real owner of the carrier's locality, which is located in Sanitary Prenzlano, a community of information related to community information related to the information of the web, at:, donde se concentran The diversos of the material are related to the general public of the general category and the specifications of the specifications.

De La Misma Manera, who has been working as a telephonic student in the US, has a profitable career of 8 a 20 hours: 02945-15337889 (Esquel); 02944-15907440 (Trevelin) y 02944-15582365 (Epuyén).