Friday , January 22 2021

Laura Prito admits the closest encounter with Luis Miguel

CHV In the new chapter of "La Noche Sue Newster", Laura Prieto acknowledged that Mexican singer Luis Miguel invited him to leave after meeting at the concert in the capital.

During the game scraps as shown on the channel's site, programmers commented on the possibility of leaving Platonic love, on which Uruguay was surprised by the strange strange revelation.

She said that her 2005 partner took it to watch the show at the National Stadium by the singer and that artist gave her a rose from the stage, after which a bodyguard came to ask for her telephone number.

At the end of the conversation, the image consultant said that Luis Miguel invited her voice.

"I swear by my daughter that I had a message from Luigu Miguel that she called me in Vienna. I had many months until the question was destroyed (message). I told my policeman," I invite Louise Miguel to invite me to Vienna "And he said," You go with him, I'll take you to the hotel ".

Despite Laura's surprise statement, she did not clarify if she has appointed her with La Inconditional interpreter.

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