Wednesday , January 20 2021

Learn the importance of protecting children from the sun

After the start of the dry season (summer), the rain conditions in some parts of our country continue to be affected due to the cold front which affects Central America, but families enjoy the weekend, fills the beaches, rivers and pools; Regardless of the risks associated with excessive UVA and UV rays in the Sun, especially for smallest at home.

And that is that babies are more vulnerable to epidermis sunburns of very thin levels, pediatrician Leopoldo Franco Sains explains, while taking advice on the social security fund (CSS) polyclic, a major Spa San Carlos-based Juan Vega on the penamanian Pacific coast. Mendez frequently checks patients who have long been involved in the sun exposure to some types of burning Become a science.

According to a pediatrician, "swelling of hypochromic dermatitis" is the most common disease among children who have suffered sunburn without any protection, light tone wounds, it is not necessarily white, hence the name associated with this name has decreased in the skin.

Therefore, she recommends that if this abnormality occurs or any change in the skin, such as rash, moles and other people, will go to a pediatrician who will determine whether the infant is needed to refer to a dermatologist.

But apart from school holidays, the sun should not be a barrier to outdoor fun, so Franco recommends using a sunscreen designed for parents with children above the 70s Sun Protection Factor (SPF). And after 10 minutes of contact, the skin starts burning, this product will secure 70 times the skin or 70-minute SPF equivalent skin at that time, which is similar to that of an 11-hour SPF.

Even when the child is not open directly from the sun's rays, we should keep it safe. Besides, if the little boy sweats or bathes, we'll have to repeat the application process again.

About clothing, it suggests the use of clothing that reduces the harmful effects of the sun, such as: The fabric made from reflective material, especially designed to remove UVA and UVB rays, is particularly designed to cover hands and feet. To handle head, eyes and eyelid, it is important to use hats and cap with huge views that protect face and dark lenses.

It is necessary to follow these recommendations in order to prevent diseases like skin cancer in future young adults; Some of these steps may be a little uncomfortable for the children, but it is good to explain their importance, they will definitely understand it.

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