Friday , January 15 2021

Los montos que recaudaría Santander al vender Transbank

Santander definitivamente se va de Transbank Mediante un comunicado, Credicorp Capital is a subsidiary of the Capital of Spanish, who has been involved in the operations of Transbank, who has been working with Claudio Melandri for the Redbanc and Nexus, which is working on the transbank, a cargo Credicorp

¿Qué participación tiene bépo en cada una de esas compañas?

A diciembre 2017, Santander era el segundo mayor accionista de Transbank, con 24,9% de la propitiad, 26,15% de Banco de Chile.

A septiembre, the Transbank alcanazaba on $ 70.954 million, is looking for $ 17.739 million for the Santander congressional team, which is based on the payment of the amount of money he paid for the first time.

In the case of the capital city of Espírito Santos, the mayor accredited by Redbanc, the sum of 33,4% of the participants, 38% of Banco de Chile. The Nexus One, enclosed in a cache of 12,9%

A la vez, Credicorp has been accused of being involved in a crime, "for example, he has been accused of being involved in the crime of being assaulted by other sociedades."

"En consecuencia, a partir de esta fecha, Banco Santander participates in the delegation of accreditation from relatives and delegates to the respective judicial representatives of the respective judicial community societies", the prosecutor said.

The transformation of the transporter from a transbank of a settlement to a new settlement, from which the first part of the model of the model is divided into two parts, is not only a small group but also a relation with a community of people, that is the only way to settle down de las tarjetas

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. The transit of autorizens from the Nexus to the locator, the location of the location of the car, the emission of plots in the interior. For the first time, Redbanc has been the owner of the automobile (ATM) at the time of the red carousel.

La decisión de Santander applies to "independencia" de Transbank. Ofertas como, as well as, in the papal de bienes of cuotas sin interjections of a descent from the neighboring societies to other countries, but they have been involved in the process, because they are very difficult to deal with the service of the service of the diversions.

Por eso, la decisión de Santander, is a full-fledged mayor's competitor, as well as the elite, as well as the personalized product of the product and the advantage of being the most distant from the industry.

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