Friday , May 7 2021

Luis Guenco defended Ampore to Nogura: He started strong humiliation against Arlanda and Maldonado. TV and show

The great surprise was made by TVN on Thursday, after which he did not renew the contract, announced the emption of one of his iconic actresses, Emmporo Nogura.

Some televised programs, including this morning, were commented on Welcome, Where Rachel Argondona, with Acid comments, matches his friend Patricia Maloado.

"Yesterday, we heard about the departure of Emporo Nogu from TVN, and I wanted to tell you something. Emporo Noguara sang Patrizia Malodono for the removal of Do you see that someone does not want to laugh or have any bad intentions?, Said Argandoña.

Remember that after a troubled episode emanating from the past August, Alexandre Goech and Malododo, the actresses were shown in the action for various personalities, singing versus, memory, and human rights, including Memoirs of the Memorial Museum, where both of them sent a "Like Megavisin box" Was there. Yes to Alexandra Goech. "

And national actor Luis Granaco was left out, who came in defense of Emporo Noguá and wrote a hard comment through his Instagram account.

"Old Kali pair ***! Without respect for one of the strangers and Chilean great actresses", Gnecco guaranteed, next to taking note of the page.

Capture | Instagram

Capture | Instagram

After all, however, this "mirror" praised the social network, but there were also those who criticized the way to express themselves to the controversial person. "And you & # 39; re asserted & # 39; "That woman is very unpleasant"; "How Do You Treat Women?" And "very well said", Had some comments received by the actor.

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