Tuesday , January 18 2022

Marcela Vacarezza has appeared in the Kenyar Larone for her unofficial biography Society


A few weeks ago an unofficial biography Maria Igunia LyarinCall Blonde is heavenly eyes. The term was further exposed when he said a part of his life on television.

That is why she was invited Your time has comeHe answered the panelists' various questions from the TV channel. In addition, what was the focus of the viewer? Marcela Vekesesa He saw her.

"What about her husband?"Rafael Arrest's wife was questioned by the Commercial Engineer. "I recently saw you in the womb, and when you were pregnant, you've been through this program for a long time (…) Then I said, 'Look, how good life!. Today we can go back to fun, we are budding stories talking about past loved ones, "he adds.

Her husband agreed to Kenita about this The idea was not likedBut after she explains it was healing, she accepted this idea.

"Sergio is clear about what he is, What does he represent in my life in my life?His role in our family. The past has no power, no connection of the past Today we have the ability to destroy as a family, Like a couple, "the numeral scientist said.

After this, Velárez asked Going to end this healing process Stop talking about past issues with other people.

"I know it is difficult to pay you on my feet. For 15 years, I was constantly inadvertent and systematicThe pain at that moment and the destruction that moment will come, "Kenia explained.

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