Friday , May 7 2021

Marooch leaders urge government to form government

In Tamuukui city, so-called Trawún, meeting of Mapuche leaders from across the country, Where the conditions Talking to the government after the murder of Camilo Catrilanka.

Leaders of various marches organizations They should raise an application with four basic issues, which will be the minimum requirements for the person to sit down With the central authorities

This is: Immediate end to militarization in the area Forest command included –Mepeche Free Decision, Constitution of Gnan Gnan for Historical Offenses Including the state's compensation and compensation for communities – and Regional refinance – Demand for the gradual exit of the foresters from Mapuche region.

George Hünchühlen, Vermen and Leader of the Temuukui's autonomous community were part of the meeting, said that the participants in the meeting always express "His suffering and anger on how the state carries policies with the people of Machu." Adding it "If the authorities agree to carry out this application, we will be ready to talk, if they are not, the Mapuch will have a call to the rebellion."

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