Saturday , October 1 2022

Merchant sopaipilis from his cart who has dedicated PSU and is full of praise, Social Networks


The dealer gives the sopaillas to his cart from those who have made a PSU and are filled with appreciation.

The incident took place in the Melipila district, where students had to submit a credential with relevant Bell.



On Monday, 30 young people received relief Mailpin PSUAfter the dealer Sapylas will give you from your cart Those who have passed the test have shown.

Known by this gesture Maily News, Who praised the seller's performance that the students did not hesitate to give their products.

Sopipapilla 2.JPG

Samine's female woman in the street He only asked that people show up with their stamp related to their credentials, To declare that they surrendered to PSU.

This action generated thousands of positive reactions from people in social networks, who They evaluated that the trader stopped earning money to help the students.

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