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Message from Cecilia Boloko in National Glamor

Author: Glamorata Team / December 2, 2018

Two weeks ago, Cecilia Bolococo passed the toughest test of her life: her son Maximan had to do an emergency work to remove a large brain tumor.

Everything was fine and the former Miss Universe came to thank the tears in the eyes tears in the clinic. His 15-year-old son also congratulated and thanked.

But BoloCoCo thinks that he has not yet thanked for all the love he got in the difficult process with his only son. And he did at the National Stadium at the end of the telephonie 2018 last night:

Cecilia Bologoco: "Everybody knows that I live with my family in two complicated, very difficult weeks, but in this opportunity, which celebrates 40 years of Taletton, it can not be absent.

"Thirty years ago I started working in this glorious cause, integrating the Chileans with the love and unity crusade, and we are proud of it.

"Despite the pain I suffered this week, I did not want to be absent, because 15 years ago, when my wonderful warrior was born, I once went with telethon.

"So today, after that, inspired by her, I am here to express my dignity for this grand work, Chilean.

"Because now I am a mother and I am going to hospital, administer it, and stay there all night in Vigilia, I understand more than one thousand families who have attended history, this grand work. With the pain of one hundred thousand children, one thousand Mothers were crying, but with a splendid hope and a hope that only achieves Telthon.

"My words tell you that this is the most magnificent act in the history of mankind. I do not know that no nation is in unity because it connects with this grand reason.

"Children are the most important thing and the family is supreme. It's really wonderful to integrate the country's needs." Teletein will always continue. We celebrate and celebrate 40 years, but we go to the next 40.

"Congratulations to Mario Kruitzburger and Zimena Cazarejo, which is really the true engine of this magnificent work.

Thank you for joining me at the clinic Mario. Thanks for the invitation Zimena Thank you for joining me in such a difficult time. I hope that you will not forget what will happen to my child. Thank you so much. "

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