Monday , May 17 2021

Morrisio Patiyatik arrested for the destruction of cafeteria in Puerto Arena

An embarrassing situation will have acted actor Morrisio Passuit in the café of the Punta Arenas city in the region of Magellans.

According to local newspaper Al Pinguo this morning, the original interpretation of this land was found on Saturday at 8:00 in the cafe tapes, where they demanded faster service on a bad road.

According to one of the Colombian-origin officials, "The man (positiv) came and stood at the bar asking for the letter, it was immediately told, but he said that he loves it immediately and bar (…) he Some threw me out of clay vessels, but they fell on the side. "

Later, a waitress tried to expel "El Chingo" from the place, which struggled with him. After receiving the series of xenophobic insults, they called the police officers who arrested him and took him to the Magalene clinical hospital where he was injured.

Then he was released.

The same local media confirms that the order of the prosecutor's office is necessary for the crime of loss in the next few days.

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