Friday , May 7 2021

NASA: What is the truth of the huge asteroid that can hit Earth in 2023? | 6 photo 1 | Science

Some media & # 39; alarms & # 39; Has revealed about who has awakened NASA About a hefty asteroid known as 2018 LF16, which has 62 possible pathways to collision with our planet between 2023 and 2117.

And although the 62 possible collision routes with the Earth, it is the right number to be cautious, when the situation is placed in the real context of the measurement, the situation changes.

It's a fairly large asteroid. This 2018 LF16 The first time this year was observed on 16th June and is estimated to be more than 200 meters diameter, and if it actually hits our planet, it will not weaken humanity, but the force of impact will be as much as the Soviet tzar bomb, an explosion in 1961, man A large explosion caused by

The good news is that there is not a likelihood of such an event, which seems like 62, when you have nothing to compare it to. However, the NASA model shows that the real opportunities for Rock that affect the Earth are in 30,000,000. Yes, millions

Moreover, according to experts, according to experts Express , It is possible that 2018 LF16 will crash into our planet so little that, according to its calculations, they estimate at 0.0000033%.

Again, it is not possible that it is not too worrying about it, but it is always interesting to explore our solar system.

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