Thursday , January 28 2021

Palma Mummy's sister talked about cancer that affects her as a child: she asked to cut her legs, TV and Shows

There is no doubt that the fame of Palma Mummy's door, when she began to dedicate herself on the trap, appeared beside the image of her sister Sofia Castillo, who had to overcome the harsh fight against cancer, also appeared.

This situation forced the young makeup artist to make a tough decision 10 years ago, after that she was only 9 years old after a series of intervention to fight osteosaurcoma after a fracture in her foot.

"I was walking, I fell and I broke my right leg. I went to the hospital and they told me that I have cancer and I have a 10 centimeter knot", Palma's elder sister asked Las Ultimas Noticias.

From the beginning the doctors told them that the treatment would not be easy, and those options were less: "Or cut my legs or strive for it", What the doctors said to them.

The 21-year-old decided to save her limb, so she was fighting to fight in a tired and painful nine months, six wars, but the time of the war was over. "One day I told my mom, & # 39; I'm tired, can I cut my legs? & # 39; I did not want more"She confirmed a difficult decision for her because she likes to wear tacos and wear a dress.

MakeupWhite Mechanic | Instagram

MakeupWhite Mechanic | Instagram

After this he removed new troubles. The main person had to learn to walk with prosthesis C-Lag, Technological article that if it is not loaded, it will not be able to use it completely, because it can not fix it.

"My mom helped me to walk completely because before I was extinct, I remember she was crying over me on the streets of New York. & # 39; Sofia, you're anchor! & # 39; It happened every day until I learned to walk well", Currently the young woman remembers her sister together, she is dedicated to making national celebrities and making makeup courses.

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