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Pancreas cancer, deadly silent epidemic


Conditions The number of deadly tumors in pancreas worldwide is on the rise. It is mainly related to risks, diabetes, and smoking. # Pancreas Cancer World Day.

Most Mexican daily increases pancreas cancer cases, although they know they want to ignore it.

In mid-2018, the Institute of Physiology of UNAM, bottles and soft drinks have scientifically proven that the metabolic syndrome will explode. That is, drinks are beautiful sweet drinks. The human body

In these long-term precipitation, in addition to the gradual loss of movement, their organs are slowly attacking the metabolism associated with it. Intestines, abdominal pain, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas of everything, so that they lose weight and they will lose the quality of life.

When each juice is given to "juice" or soda, there is a definite step in the collapse of pancreas, as these drinks are added and it is actively stimulated several times daily with this organ. Since the lack of insulin in the production of the products, the constant clothes will start to appear. It can also develop a deadly tumor.

In a timely manner, Dr. Marcia Hartart, a research team led by Urdania, explains that in the mix of sweet drinks, the sucrose is a substance, when repeatedly, sprouting pancreas, and abdominal pain resulting from the action of the stomach

Within an exercise, souk is white sugar. It produces day-by-day manufactured in Mexican homes or produced by ultra-processed products dozens. For example: a milk powder for children aged 1 to 3 years, artificial honey syrups, artificial substances, and cookies.

Although the researchers at the Laboratory have developed explanations to explain, sustain and prove evidence of health problems for these products, most Mexican citizens, including health authorities, show interest in increasing the number of pancreatic cancer cases,

This turmer is considered the sixth cause of the deaths of women in men and sixth in modern times. The International Agency for Research of Cancer (IRC) has reported that pancreatic cancer in Mexico is 4,000 274 ​​cases per year. Of these 4,000 are 133 deaths. Every cell in their body will remember the pancreatic cancer day, every November 15th, to remind people of nutrition.

Lethal tumor. In order to diagnose diabetic retinopathy on time, their pancreas health should be aware of the state because this organism does not cause discomfort. Because people with a ten-year or more age or over-burden need to look at their eyes well. But until very late. The tumor is the ninth of women in pancreatic cancer and 11th among men. This is a fatal tumor. Only nine survivors survive on nine patients, which lasts for five years.

It is estimated that one of the 63 males will be affected by any of these 65 women. In most cases, a very small number of cases are diagnosed. Already other organs have been attacked.

Group Biotassana is the medical director of Mexico and Medic, the surgeon of Oxygol, Dr. According to Jose Athle Rubio, many of the tumors are not functional and there are only alternatives to the treatment. Surgical removal is an example of this. Pancreatic Cancer This is only possible in patients with 20% of the most common adonacrazioma. In some cases, chemotherapy before surgery will increase this percentage.

Pancreatic cancer is detected in early stages and detected by the disease. After the diagnosis, if it is completely removed from a resolution, it can be controlled only if it is found before its campaign. Palliative therapy can improve the quality of the patient in order to control the symptoms and complications of the disease. Said Jose Atie Rubio.

Therefore, social awareness of this disease is very important. Warning of the urgent need for urgent research promoting research and giving priority to public health treatment.

In case of treatment, there are research areas on pancreatic cancer. The biomarkers are searching for the latest invention of patients in the history of these cancers, the development of drugs that attack specific genetic vulnerabilities, the tumor macroeconomic environment, the transfer of drugs, and how to prevent the treatment of the disease.

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