Friday , January 22 2021

Papa explains the absence of Juan Carlos Goette on the call of Colo Colony: they are personal problems

Dad Juan Carlos Goetta, The player missed the trip Colo Colo Producing various speculations in its pre-season in Buenos Aires, he explained that the former Cobrasal has "personal problems" And denied that his son took part in the fight on the disc.

"She is silent, just a few times before I got a wist and said that she is good. I think you are surprised by what the call colonies are generating and what the press is doingAn act of discipline came out, He caught the combos on the disk, But where it goes to the disc, do not smoke, do not smoke … It is a personal subject, familyR "Juan Carlos Gayetti said. Outdoor.

His father said, "He does not drink, he does not smoke, he does not go to the parties, he is very quiet, he has his problems which he is solving and I can not give more clarity, when he is able to solve them, they Now do not mind. " "It's a risk you have to take."

"Whenever the player has difficulty, he will always stop, play with the name and imagine thousands of things (…) I have always said that I support him in his decision, I only ask him to do well; with him Talk to them, wait to call them to see what's going on, "GAT Mr.

Finally, the father of the new attacker of "Kaseku", for reasons of missing the travel of the precision, about the various speculations in social networks, he said, "What comes to the press on the internet makes me laugh, because nothing is near reality".

"There is one outstanding conversation with Mary Salus, I know, because yesterday I do not talk to her, I do not know – if she wants to continue in the call colo – I can not see it from Friday, Time was at home. " .

Juan Carlos Goetta He had missed the "elbow" squad that traveled to Argentina to make a prezion.

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