Sunday , March 26 2023

Pardes opened up to make his career out of Colo Colo: "I'll see him at the end of the year and I can understand what DT wants."


Esteban returned to Peridos goal, Colo Colon won over Uniઓn Espaલાola and that was a somewhat shocking Valdez record. And, after weeks of silence, he decided to talk to CDF about his future.

"As I have said many times, this is a definite issue, you have to look at what happens because the sensitivity is different when the time is shortened, you think it's better. Let's wait for how physical I am. If it was not a call, I could go somewhere else, "he said.

"Sometimes the media thinks, there is a lot of criticism and they get me hooked, I dedicate myself to playing. You say I'm not anymore, it was already, but I admit it, it's your job. I don't die for those criticisms, "he added.

Still, he made it clear that “I'm not going out. If I continue it will be yes or yes here in Chile. But first I want to see how I get to the end of the year, I look at it well, I talk to my family and we make the best decision. & # 39;

Eventually, he declared, "Chloe Kolo doesn't say anything to me, I'm not scared either. You have to see what the coaching staff wants, I'm a very respectable person and I understand what Mario wants, which is great for the team. I always thank you if I have to. This is football. We are not just talking about the future, only the weekend matches. "

The Parades have a contract with Cole Cole until December and repeat until he gets tired that he has a career. However, in the absence of physical self-assessment and with her family, her appetite opened.

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