Saturday , January 23 2021

Pinar ensures the departure of the soto and supports the process of resignation of 10 other generals in Carabinaur National

With the President Sebastien Pinar President President Andres Chadwick and Rodrigo Umbilla, Carbiniseros, Hermes Soto mentions the confusing status of the General Director.

"I have given everything that happened, I came to the conclusion that carboners need a new leadership to cope with the more desired, speed and efficiency, which currently affects all the challenges of the future."

"For all these reasons, I have asked for General, Hermes Soto, Israel's resignation today, for which we have started all related procedures."

With these words, carefully selected by the President, it suggests that Soto has not voluntarily resigned and before that the government has been forced to initiate a comprehensive process to complete the decision to remove it.

According to the Constitution, Sebastian Pinera had to do this, through an established order and previously known to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, both of the decisions were to advise both the houses for their decision and then to order the Controller's Office.

Although these formalities delay the executive's decision, it is necessary to specify that they are not binding advice-suggestions, and the decision can not be reversed during the process.


Sebastian Piñera added, "I'm telling you that General Soto has told me today that it has given way to the resignation of the countries of Ten Cabiniras de Chile to ease the composition of the new car command."

It should be remembered that earlier, sources close to Soto said that Soto believes that he has a support from a parliamentary majority and that many of his senior people were ready to accompany him, thus ultimately confusing the government's possibilities to pick a successor.

Abandoned names, this will be:
Alvare Almatyra Sanchez
Fernando Riveroos Muñoz
Fernando Petit Molly
– Louise Rivero Ado
– Curt Herman Ritter
– Eric Gazzar Vista
– Rafael Rojas Aguorto
– Andreas Galgues Duran
Rodrigo Urata Toledo
Rodrigo Cadiz Glasses

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