Sunday , May 9 2021

[Presentación] Discover Gris, Barcelona Studios Nomada Studio – The Great Indie of

On December 13 it will go together on PC and Nintendo Switch Gray, Spanish Adrian Cueva, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Rosette are the newest game created by Barcelona Studios Nomada Studio.

What is Gray?

This story has been starred by a girl who has been living a traumatic experience, she lost her voice and her way of seeing the world is different. This game encourages us to go through this internal presentation, when the sound combines together and unlocks the colors, the components connect and understand the events with intensity, during the hurricane of your emotions, the visuals of liquids, delicate paths and dialogues.

Adrian Kuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Rosset make this an immersive audiovisual experience, where the visual and listening section has full responsibility for broadcasting narrative discovery, depending on any type of text or voice.

Conrad Rosset described his involvement as a very positive experience: "I love it, made your world, your environment and people can enter it". During this event, numerous original images were displayed in the gallery, and they talked a little about the creation process. This storyboard phase was made of character design, color tests and more than 400 drawings were conducted; For those interested, they hope to publish the artbook of the game.

For gameplay, it is very intuitive. The title tries to attract, attract and attract people who are not so familiar with the world of video games.

With dialogues but without a very attractive visual section. As a painter, while talking about the visual section, I can find myself with the obligation to describe it as impressive. It is ultra-internal with the Surrealist and at the same time a minimalist, visible, cold, hot climate artist, where Watercours records his remarkable work with a very included soundtrack (Berlininist). This combination of elements means that you do not want to miss the smallest details on the trip. It should also be noted that Rosette painted the game's pictures.

Art leads to art

When I was found in the establishment of the Asapasio solo art gallery, surrounded by the wonderful works of contemporary art, I immediately realized that they could not choose a more appropriate place for presentation of this title. Contemporary art reflects the current society through its works, and based on this basis, I feel that this is the right way to consider the birth of this game by combining traditional techniques like watercourses with new technologies. Due to the birth of a new studio and a new indie in Spain, today they have received very well through the Nintendo Switch community.

There is nothing left but support of this game initiative of Greece and the art and culture involved in the project arise, the girl falls in love and gives her little less freedom from the colors and colors of the water.

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