Saturday , January 23 2021

Rachel Argondona's sadness in her birthday hours: she can not rejoin her children TVs and shows

This Tuesday, Rachel Arganda broke the tears in the morning Welcome, After the recognition that their children will not be reunited for their birthday.

It turns out that in the morning the panelist is ready to celebrate his big day with 50 guests, including his daughter Kell.

However, after greeting him for the bachelor of law in the program, he admitted that with his son Hernan, he would celebrate this Wednesday.

"Everybody knows that my best gift will not be given due to circumstances, but time improves everything and today I am together, tomorrow with the other, and it is good that this rain comes because it clears everything and tomorrow I 61 different "He drew attention between tears.

"You have to be inclined, you need to be optimistic, I think rain is good for all the bad and 61 start well", He added.

"There are painful moments in life but always something happens, if they send us this pain because we can bear it", Finish it.

Then we show you the moment.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Hernan and Kell fought hard fight through social networks, where after the young person declared an interview, the young man fought hard on his sister that she did not agree with some trends.

And apparently, things would not have been arranged between them, a fact that affected their mother.

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