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Robin Delhom, an Adviser for Musk at Tesla Companies


The desire of cars comes from the family, of course, their parents do not expect them to go on to a service station so far. Tase's president, Robin M. The founder of the company, Elon Musk, observed Denholm (May 27, 1963, Milpera, Australia). Delegate

It is doubtful that the creator of electric car makers could be easily transmitted. Danhumhol has spent a lot of time to protect new skills. He was on the board. This change is the result of a three-year contract that came into being with the US company. Mask's words, which the Foundation has claimed to have removed from the stock market a few weeks ago.

Married and children – the importance of using her high management position so that it is "embroidery" – Dengel started working as a child at the family gas station: where she was interested in cars: they repaired and pumped gasoline and picked up the account.

He graduated with economics from the University of Sydney and he worked as Arthur Anderson's accountant for five years. Thereafter, there were seven in Australia. He then went on to be a computer company, Sun Microsystems – Oracle was first acquired from Australia, Colorado (USA). I'm going for two years. But it stands. In 2007 he worked in the financial and financial operations of US Network and Security Multinational Junior Network. There they became the Director of Finance. Great progress has been made in revenue and company repairs.

In 2014 he was appointed as Non-Executive Advisor to Denzell Tesla. Recall that he commissioned a model S (going to the third floor), and this position is apt for his passion for renovation, energy and cars. Just a few months ago, in an interview for Scott's founder, Odzors Bertz's portal, a company operated by the founder of the Tesla, that is normal in his career.

In 2016 he joined the Swiss Electric and Electrical Audit Board. In August she spent a vacation year and wanted to play golf with her husband. At the beginning of 2017, he was offered as Operations Director, Australia's largest telecom telestar. So she started getting into the ocean regularly (and abandoned the advice of ABB).

Telstra, in the past 12 months, fell by 6%, as the shareholders' fears of fear of shareholders and the executive pay were unhappy; Of course, deskholm McCok was not much worse than ever before. When Telassa's new president came to power, she eventually became unexpectedly unexpectedly (speaking of her council's pair of James Murdoch). Danielle will merge with the company for six months.

Like other councilors, she alleged that she was very soft with musk's words. In the four years Dennell Board of the audit committee chairman, Danny has received $ 17 million in stock options. Last year he collected 1.5 million dollars from Tests.

Experts point out that his speech of the leadership is quite conventional. For example, he says, "The keys are four C, curiosity, relationship, creativity and courage, how to behave in the world, to communicate with people, to understand them and to be creative in solving problems."

Robin Delhum does not have a Twitter account. Ron Baron Mazk, a billionaire partner, asked if perhaps because of boredom, calm, or thesis. In any case, the high price of the company – the recovery from the shock of the SEO – very fast despite its losses – despite the losses in the last quarter – the tremendous confidence of the investors in the Musk and all his heaters.

Another problem that will help Tesla's new president is the constant delay in production plans of the company. This type of delay has not been delayed at Service Station in Millpera: the time for the tooth musk is to have a toy.

An account in a very new area

In 1999, Robin Delhom obtained a Master's Degree in Commerce from New South Wales University. He is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants of Australia and New Zealand.

When asked about a rare variety of sex in technology, Dengel believes that women are not considered to be a good professional option. But this will change over time, as happened in other industries.

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