Thursday , January 21 2021

Ryan Wagon of Metro Line 3, which has not been inaugurated

A group of strangers A line 3 line in the Monsenor Egaguerre Station in the station of Rio de Metro., Which will be inaugurated for the next few days.

There are at least four subjects from Balakalalas that have different scratches in one of the wagons of that place.

It is unknown how people entered the reliance.

Captain Andreas Array, explained the police station of ñuñoa, detailing that strangers "entered the ground level and they had belts in wagons, where the assessment of damages is still unknown".

He suggested that the place they are entering "is a matter of study in the field of safety, but they have earned revenue, related to this fact related recordings. There is a camera that can see early start and end of it"

Carberiros and Metropolitan Train staff work at the place and report a safety camera to the expert.

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