Saturday , January 16 2021

Sage claims to be a separate area with the Bat Colony in downtown Santiago. National

SAG claims that the area with the bat colony in the center of Santiago is separated

From living organisms he ensured that there is the presence of rabies in the sample to know whether the sample is waiting for a suggestion.

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This Agriculture and Living Services (SAG) He referred to the complaint made by the passengers who had met Bat Colony on the Santo Domingo street with Miraflores in the center of Santiago last week.

Through its Twitter account, the SAG informed that both the entity and the municipality of Santiago both "They separated the area and talked to the neighbors. We look forward to the instructions of the samples taken by Ceremie de Saludad Metropolitan"

They added that "If the result is done by rabies (-), then it integrates the migration of animals to the breeding and to the third party."

Remember that these images were broadcast by people of copyright on social networks who expressed concerns about the presence of these copies.

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