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Santa Cruz stylist George Garcia says how to live with the disease –

A fashion stylist talks about what HIV means to be a carrier in society, which believes that it is full of disgrace and discrimination.

Cristian Masude

A despicable crowd wants to overcome his patience. Time passed and fatigue came out. Went to the uncomfortable medical center. She did not have allergies. It was something worse. There were two times when blood was drawn and they were told that they did not have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). But the & # 39; luck & # 39; Left it. Perhaps it did not seem that unsafe sex could be a Russian roulette in which he risked his life.

On that day the nurses got tired and her nerves came to the surface with her skin. He saw it. He swallowed and announced: "positive." Fashion stylist George Carlos García Jaldine or & # 39; Chuck & # 39; As well as better known, he wants to digest immediately. In his mind a small voice declared: "The world is not finished". Yes, he told himself, it is not finished. But there was one before and after.

She and HIV they went home.

And it remained. At least he tried to be The virus was further informed. Now you know that until it becomes an integrated immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), it will become unsaturated. There you will lose weight, you will get fever, night sweats and frequent infections, which can end your life.

It is good that he attends control over every six months and is not afraid of death. There is little doubt that he may have been infected, but he can not break into it. For what? It is asked what it is. If nothing will change Being HIV – He recommends – not from another world, it is not uncommon, it is a disease that needs to be faced.

Yesterday the World Day of Fighting against AIDS was celebrated and called for reflection. He says that we must be responsible for this issue and it is necessary to inform the society. According to him, heterosexual is the carrier of the virus, which is more than the jazz.

Who believed that there was no lack of this evil divine penalty. And worse than the sick virgins. It was also claimed that the carriers were homosexual only. But we are not in the 20th century. There is nothing. It has been proven that HIV can affect all people regardless of their sexual preferences, ethnicity and economic or social status. Science is up to date. There are antiretroviral drugs that allow almost normal life. This departmental center of surveillance and Santa Cruz (sandwiches) can be found for free.

While that & # 39; prehistoric & # 39; The idea has changed, it remains secret in some heads. Many people still believe that there may be an infection, pushing, breathing or breathing the same air with the affected person. George says "Hewdas" which is acid with those individuals. And eject the nails.

Today you can get a quiet life, but with caution. George had to put a chain with a pedal for an insulation. It does not go away with being absent, staying, drinking, drinking unprotected sex and junk food.

They always like to exercise, but they did not get encouragement. After that awesome episode, he went to the gym. The virus was the perfect excuse to start a change, because before it was disorganized and sedentary. Now he is working hard on the weight and weight of the stomach, caring for his diet and controlling his sleep. "If a person does not care and lives insane, the virus will develop," he says. That is why HIV's change depends strongly on the carrier. He chose to love himself.

Take a capsule every day. And the dose is strong. Often it causes nausea and dizziness, but it learns to be like it. He knows that if his stomach is empty, then he will feel uncomfortable. It has HIV, not AIDS. It makes clear, because it's not the same.

She and one wrong place

He always believed that torque was wrong. He & # 39; paradoxically & # 39; There should never be a born in the country. Canada or Australia were good options, but could not choose it. The day will come when he will leave Bolivia and find his place on earth. For this moment he should stay in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and try only to be alone, try it out without telling how to dress, how to talk, how to eat or what to do with sex.

It's not a rebellion. It's Jorge. From childhood he believed that he is a free soul. They did not tell them. In this world he & # 39; s head & # 39; Arrived Although he was born with his parents, he was always taught himself. René Jaldin and Juan Carlos García worked all day, so they had to meet. He never had his plans to stay seated.

Curiosity whispered in her ear. She made him an inventor of life. "I'm so curious that I try to offer everything," he says. Since she was a child, she will grab a book and she will not let go. I went to the school library and gave classic stories on cassettes. He drank from physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography, history … but when he was making serious consciousness about those things, he never stopped becoming a child. She is 30 years old and she continues reading the Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, and uses Disney and Pixar's products.

She makes them immature It only keeps George going. One thing is that when it comes to silence with Simba or Dumbo, she wrap her teddy bear in bed and when she has to sign an agreement with the clothing brand.

She and Fashion

Her grandmother Aida Vargas gave her a little taste for those things. She was weathered, sewn, embroidered and still not standing. I went to Baris in the neighborhood. She was preparing herself to go to Ventita. George was born for fashion or maybe George was born for fashion.

You do not wear fashion. Enjoying the dress for him, he does not have a favorite trend magazine, but Vog and Eli reads. She does not wear bridal, because she likes to buy clothes from Bolivian's designer, because she's Bolivia's good clothes & # 39; Mandiles & # 39; Works in Claudia Mercado is his favorite creator. He says that he does not go with me to search for things (use of clothes fair), "he says. It is not the last cry of Paris. Often the basic or your gym clothing is enough.

You do not have a designated budget to buy in stores. You can not buy anything for a month, but afterwards you can give it to your soul. She has many clothes in her closet, but she always wants more. French companies gojard and Hermes & # 39; outfits & # 39; Dilera for "I like luxury brands, which are really luxurious", they make it clear.

Over time, it has become the official word to comment on trends. Because he knows about the industry and has been working in this field for a long time. He has good memory for some things and not for others. That capability has been included in the & # 39; Encyclopedia of Fashion & # 39; Has earned the word.

She does not like to call it a producer, because she thinks that she is not right. The producer is dedicated to the total achievement of an event and the stylist improves his eye on the choice of clothes. For that-that's the difference.

She likes to be in the belt. If you want you can do all day. But it is quickly bored. He lives his great passion and states that Santa Cruz does not pay as he does not pay. People – according to him – have everything to invest without money and when he already has a wallet, he crushes it. The fact is that their work does not deliver well, it is another reason to leave the country.

He does not declare himself a fan of a famous world and does not believe that there is a fashion guru. It is the "women who dare to enjoy the clothes" and Anna Delo Russo, Italian fashion journalist, is Vogue Japan's creative adviser and general editor.

It, cinema and TV

As a stylist, she works on the side with Pablo Manzoni. It's the main part of Bolivia's late. She likes clothes, she sees retribution, she writes texts … until 10 years. And when you are not providing free rein to the combinations, turn on the TV and watch a movie, a documentary, animate, or animated. Watch Netflix, HBO, and Pirates. His favorite series is Westworld and he enjoys the drama of Narcos Y Danastia. And as soon as he is watching one chapter he already declares it on social networks. He has Facebook and Instagram. He chose to delete Snapechat.

Cinema is her other hobby. Eat everything from drama to comedy. If I say who your favorite director is, then I'll stick to Tim Burton. She did not like the actor, but the actress she loves is Emma Stone. It is one of those people who influences the most controversial film or people. "One or two of them make me like my childhood," he says. Lastly, he remembers that most people are in the heat and silence of terror.

She challenges everything entering her mind. Officially it is not important for cinema or television, because he did not study it or fashion. He entered State University and trained as a financial engineer with specialty in the profession, but he had to fulfill his life.

Soon it & # 39; something & # 39; Will, show title and get job That way, people can trust in their talents. Contact people who know what they are capable, and ask them about fashion, movies, books, series and trips, because they trust in their criteria and in them.

She and sex

It does not have sex at a young age. She was 13 years old and her friends saw kissing, muttering or hand holding, but her body did not tell her to do so. He was at the age of 17 when his natural awakening arose. Until that moment he could not say that he was attracted to women or men, because he was not attracted to anything.

She enjoyed sex with another person and enjoyed it. "… that they do not come to me to say that they are gay after rape, because if you like it and you continue it, it is always believed to be gay, it is what she believes. He could not hide people from people. "Like heterosexual, there is also gay. It's a label that should be used in this community so that people understand it, "he says.

Once she kissed her on Facebook and her love affair and the mother rebuked him. He threw himself and defended his taste. She, now, supports her. And before all hypotheses, their partners also consent. She does not live with her parents or her parents with 10 parents and recognizes that she is not connected to the family.

Use Grindr (Social Network to Partner) and you do not need to reject it. Once she fell in love and walked for her ideal five years. Today she is single and intense: she will not be related to any Bolivian or Bolivian born foreign citizen.

She and she only

He has not tolerated bullying His school friends always knew that he was gay. It measures 1.63 and is proud of its size. They are & # 39; Chuck & # 39; And they will not spoil them. It comes from the nickname Gossip Girl who likes it.

"She is a character who likes fashion and pretends to be the least cold, friendly and fashionable, while she is tender in the background. She is also the original scarf of the brand she wore, she spends me a lot," she says Is there.

It is a special section of his personality. People believe that they are silly, hateful, honest, cold and bad, but it's not a kind of thing.

He is an atheist, but he respects the people who believe in God. Do not think about death. Being George García, he chose to live this way. It will not change And no one should take care of.


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