Tuesday , January 26 2021

Scientists discover potential treatments for diabetes with cells within the pancreas

Norwegian scientists found one Possible therapy for diabetesOpening almost a new hope 422 million Those people suffer

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This Diabetes, When the body does not process all the sugar or glucose in the bloodstream It's not a solution So people should take cures of various treatments Convert glucose into energy.

Given this, the researchers of University of Bergen They found one Glucagon Manufacturer Cell In the pancreas that can change and adapt their identities Make insulin Missing

According to La Tresera, the investigation shows only that 2% of cells Neighbors in the pancreas can change their identity, but scientists have been successful in increasing the number 5% With the help of medicine.

"We are probably starting a completely new type of diabetes treatment, where The body can produce its own insulin, With initial help, "the researcher said Luiz GhillaFrom the Radar Research Research Laboratory of the Clinical Science Department of Bergen University, Norway.

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Looking at this new discovery, Gila admitted that the identification and function of cells may change Useful in treating other diseases, Like Alzheimer's And Cell damage After Heart Attack

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