Monday , September 27 2021

Shake "banks" because they can not clear the bank fees

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Mexico City's presidential election has been adversely affected by the Andrews Manuel Lopez O'BIRODOR, but the banks that are highly liable for City Banks and Sanderson are the most affected banks when implementing a proposal to avoid bank commissions.

In a Citibanamex case, the Commission estimated 28 per cent of the total revenue in August 2018 and Bankco Santander represented 21 per cent of the same net profit, Morina said in a recent remark.

Moody said that while banks try to offer lessee fees than higher interest rates, they will be limited to competitive pressure, especially the retail customer segment.

In addition to reducing the revenue of the bank, Moody added that Bank of Mexico would be instructed to autonomy. This gives the Constitution assurance.

The central bank will be entitled to control the interest rate and interest rate of banks. However, Moody has said that the steps taken by Banciko are far worse.

He said that in the last two decades, the central institution of the country is a vital source of power and will help keep the macroeconomic stability in the context of the repeated external difficulties.

Mexican banking fees have been high, but Mexican banks' commission income has been linked to other mainstream systems other than Latin America.

Brazilian banks have substantial assets management and insurance businesses. 37 per cent of the major profits are provided by commissions. In Mexico, asset managers and insurance companies are not subsidiaries of banks. The Commission is unified on the level of financial owners. Therefore, these charges will not apply to this price, "he said.

This suggestion interrupts banking services for customers.

Bank transactions in Mexico are also very low in local standards. Bank loans are equal to 21% of GDP. Half of the Latin American average. However, one of the main obstacles to the increase in loans in Mexico does not address this measure, which is also an unofficial standard and a weak legal framework, "he added.

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