Friday , January 22 2021

Simon Curtis went scattered, who called it "ballad"

Alentco de Madrid coach, Argentine Diego Pablo Simeon, said on Friday about the interest of Germany's Barron Munich by French defender Lucas Hernandez, who spoke with him and Atlatoco and set "Rojiblanco" here.

"What I can say about Lukas is that I talked to him, I talked to the club, both Lukas and the club know what I am thinking and what I like and it's with us today on date and There is not much opportunity to talk about it if it is available for the game, it can play, I do not like talking about their condition. "

Despite information on how to pay his termination clause in Byrne Munn, he can guarantee that he can ask whether the player will continue in Atlottoko or not, he added, "The boy is here, so there is no need to give me assurance." January market

Atletico's coach stressed the idea that, currently the injured French Center is on its team, when asked whether it is surprising that he leaves the Squad Player with the relevant role in the team.

"Right now I'm thinking that Lucas is here and I can not stay away from him, talking about his position, about fantasy, can imagine that we can not say anything that he does not, but he fills the pages And then we can get a more complete situation, I understand the need to produce the conditions that you (journalists) are talking about, and it is normal that they do it. "

In that sense, the departure of the French defender asked about what would be said for Atlatlano, Simone said that he "imagines that things are not going to happen" and what they imagine is "not positive, negative".

"Lukas knows that the love he has is a footballer, it's normal that a team like Bairn Munich apparently wants to pay its class, it's a very important club, and then it works with the club Lucas As things keep going, "it reflects.

In the last summer, due to the renewal of the French striker Antoni Grizzman, he has seen some kind of harassment in part of the other players, he can see that he understands that he is looking for "the conditions necessary to polymorize", but the game against Espanyol is "very important" For them and they need to "follow the same line" against that team.

Group & # 39; parrot & # 39; From, he remembered that he comes "with difficulties" and after losing "matches in some unfair cases", and he asks for their biggest demand.

"It's a tough game, a team that has played some good games in spite of some unexpected loss, will put you in trouble, the team that plays with many movements in the conflict as a result of their attack, is a very organized defense and we consider the match Take where we think we're going to hurt him, "he analyzed.

Rosalco Coach wants that the questions about the future of Lucas Hernandez will be paid to Red and White captain, Gabby Fernandez, who had left playing in Al Saad de Qatar this summer.

"We have a wonderful day, sending Metropolitan back to Gabby, where he left us for a while, there is an important moment for the people and at the end of the game, and I told the club for Lucas and I repeat. I think, and I hope people show their feelings tomorrow, and what is better than the times, which is always a club and we can give the best image Looking. "

Simon also responded to Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibout Courtois, Red and White Exxortmata's allegations, who said that he gives some statements to his fans "to generate public", when he said he had won the award for the best goalkeeper of Madrid and not When he was at Atlotox

Simone replied, "I'm very respected with Curtis, I could not understand it, but it was good," he questioned whether he even considered himself as an ancient myth: "I believe Diego, I'm Diego Pablo Simon, with my drawbacks and my virtues ", he replied.

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