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Snack this dessert every morning, it will lose you weight

Eating this dessert every morning you will lose weight: iystock

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If your biggest cravings are chocolate, then we have good news, because you have good things to enjoy this delicious thing. So, today we want to say more about you Every morning eating chocolate benefits.

According to the investigation conducted by Tel Aviv University in Israel, chocolate will help you reduce your weight by being part of a balanced diet, that is, you should not be more than 600 calories and you should consume proteins and carbohydrates in your diet.

According to experts, our metabolism becomes more vigilant in the morning and therefore the body is allowed to burn all the calories used for the entire day. This is a great news because you will not only reduce some sizes, but you will get angry.

In order to achieve these results, researchers conducted experiments on 200 overweight men and women, and who ate it for several weeks.

They were divided into two groups. The first was reduced carbohydrate diet (not more than 300 calories during the first day meal); The rest, it was offered 600 calories (divided between a protein and carbohydrate, but also Chocolate cakes).

Experts discovered that by adding sweets during breakfast, individuals lose weight less.

So if you are starting a diet, remember that you should not quit using sweets to lose weight, because banning them will only increase your desire to increase your desire. Pay attention to the calories that you use and do not exceed the amount of your weight, according to your weight.

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