Thursday , January 28 2021

Snoring frequency and intensity increases during winter season

Mexico City (El Universal) .- Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and nostrils grow during the cold months, in addition to the fact that daily respiratory disorder increases frequency and intensity of intensity, because more and more factors, such as the possibility of normal winter Cooling agreement

This condition causes inflammation and inflammation of the throat tissue Increase in source intensity And its complications, Dr. Reyes Harrow Valencia, Director of the Mexican Institute of Integr Sleep Medicine (IMMIS), warned.

Dark and cool

Low sunlight or night temperature reduction is a mechanism for both Natural sleep sleep (Darkness and hypothermia) because you can not sleep properly, however, this is not always the case.

Reyes Haro said that he too should Consider the symptoms of depression, Because they may be the first warning signal of sleep pathology, which is controlled when mood improves.

Biological clock is incorrectly arranged and causes due to decreasing sleep time or standing on time due to frequent and holidays Sleep disorders Like late-delayed sleep failure syndrome, the normalization of activities leads to big difficulty of adaptation upon returning.

Recommendations for reducing snoting

Do not overuse high-calorie foods

This season affects the way you sleep to normalize your weight. It is important to hydrate and moderate the body during the day, especially when it is too late.

Make moderate use of alcoholic drinks

Excessive alcohol affects only the quality and depth of sleep, but also increases weight. Drinking in moderation at the time of celebration is a good sleeping fit.

Reduction in tobacco consumption

Smoking is caused by inflammation of the inflammation and respiratory tract, the condition that increases the chances of getting respiratory diseases and therefore increases sleep.

Take care of the temperature in the bedroom

It is important to use some pieces of bed to avoid awareness of the cold coolness of summer.

Eventually Reyes Harrow said that it is very important to start with full health and proper sleep hygiene since 2019, why there is so much temptation for the season and why sleep well for these reasons.

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