Monday , January 18 2021

Solicited reunion to Marcelo Espina to explain why Colo Colo does not want to be refreshed Dale Albo

Marcelo Espina is a consultant in a conference call, Colo Colo Neccio, who has been working as a refinador to cater to the needs of the world.

If you find yourself involved in a car accident, then you will not be able to escape from a dispute or disorder.

La planificación can not be adapted from the place where you have been, but you have no idea how to remove the cups of extruders or dishes from the selections.

A eso seuma quarrels between the two neighbors who have been exposed to an invasion of violent and violent deaths, including Matias Fernández, Edson Puch o Brian Fernández.

Por eso cunde el nerviosismo en a sector de la mesa. A tres semanas del Inicio del Toro, según detalla La Cuarta, explains the different explorations of the pedestrians.

"Parte del director director of the urgency of the comedy futbol, ​​and the director of the film's solo serial and saloon in this theme,, indica el citado medio

Desde el oficialismo has been a great influence on the world, as well as those of Bolados and Vilches, who have been reunited with Juan Carlos Gaete fue algo "insólito"que no vieron venir.

Jorge Valdivia, Esteban Paredes and Mario Salas, the group of the preoccupation partners, to whom the group was involved in the investigation, If you have any idea about the actual reason for this, then you have to go to the UC for the rest of the yo refocus.

Las Críticas las dirigen a Marcelo Espina, who has a number of names that are not available in the Macall (Lucas Barrios, Esteban Pávez, Damián Pérez o Danny Pérez).

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