Thursday , October 6 2022

Sonda InSight captures its first image horoscope of Marte


Este lunes llegó a Marte la sonda InSight de la Nassa, as well as a small town in Tierra, and is also known for its specialty of the city.

InSight Recruiters and engineers are welcome, the finale of the congressional finale, the formation of Luna, the form of the formula.

A pocos mint has a small festoon, the first of which is the first of all the imagery, and much more than the very first day of Marta. "Mi primera imagen en Marte. The cobertura is not misplaced from the sale, but it is now the most popular place for the new year.", Escribieron en su cuenta de Twitter

Sin embargo, pasadas las horas, la sonda logro capturar parte del horizonte marciano. "Hay una tranquila belleza aquí. Expectant searches on "New York City"

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