Monday , May 17 2021

Sony phones can be very realistic

More and more manufacturers are coming on the smartphone train Flexible Screen. We have already seen how Samsung Galaxy X will be Foldable phone From Samsung and it seems that Sony wants to join the party. And that is that they have leaked patents which will make you very surprised.

Yes, Sony works on its own Foldable phone And, not only that, but this confusing Xperia with folding screen will have a panel that will be transparent in addition to being flexible.

Huawei folding phones will have a much larger screen and excellent connectivity

In this way, the device will have a double panel system, one will be one on one front and one side. To say that the device also has the ability to roll, as we can see in some patent images.

Sony foldable phone

There will be 6 modes in Sony's folding phone

As you can see patent images with the article, as well as with Renders created by LetsGoDigital guys, we can see design designs. Phone with folding screen Sony offers a variety of ways to maximize your system's possibilities with double screens.

Xiaomi and Oppo work on their own folding phones

For example, we can see that the device can be transparent, really useful for creating a complete AR experience, as well as some buttons at the bottom that are used to activate certain functions.

Keep in mind that it's not just patents right now, so we can not really guarantee in any way Sony is working on its own folding phone, Although it would make sense.

Considering that more and more manufacturers are starting to take this new market very seriously, they work to get their own solutions, it is very logical that the Japanese manufacturer, one of the icons in terms of innovation, decides to fold Xperia into 2019 Is there.

Of course, you should hurry because the market is more and more competitors Smartphone with folding screen And that's who has come yet. Anyway, we just have to wait patiently and wait a few months. If the manufacturer is preparing a folding phone, it is likely that the Japanese company will take advantage of the next version of the CES in Las Vegas, which will be held to show us its wonderful device during the first week of January in Nevada.

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