Sunday , May 9 2021

Successful Customs raised $ 371 million in auction

The last auction held by the National Customs Service in Iquique was acquired by 371 million pesos, from the Gold Bar to yoga mats, clothing and gloves.

The Finance Minister, Francisco Moreno, described the activity as very positive and reported that 158 ​​multiple awards were given for a total of 371 million 754 thousand dollars, while 38 were without dialect, 9 were rescued and 1 were removed.

Gold signals

"The big attraction was the gold items seized in Amica in 2014 and it was possible to double its minimum price, because the minimum amount of 3 kg 753 gram weight was $ 45.877,000 and it was given $ 75 million, which is necessary to add tax And their final value in financial value is $ 100 million to 500 thousand. "

It was the same with the Boolean, which had a minimum price of $ 49,990,000 and auctioned $ 80 million, while the third side started $ 45,912,000 and was given $ 71 million, in which VAT and other curses were added.

These three pieces were auctioned by the representatives of the Commercial Pasha SPA, who traveled 24-carat for the specially from Santiago to Santiago.

The number is going to grow

Customs had raised $ 1,168 million in 4 auctions last year, while this figure stood at $ 1,546 million this year. "This auction is the final phase of the work of legal teams and customs control, after discovering, possession and slandering, make sure the goods are auctioned to generate income in favor of taxation"

Denis Beltrend Santos, Regional Director of Customs of Iquique, said, "It was a very positive day, because our wirhauses in Erica, Iquique, Tocopilla and Antofagasta had the possibility of selling many merchandise, which will now re-enter the manufacturer's market. And in turn, in different areas of the economy where they will be occupied. "Among the many The price of containers for asphalt storage increased from $ 2.5 million to $ 4.2 million, with panemanian porcelain palate 494 thousand dollars, Izujo bus $ 1 million, $ 138 lifting machine prices were auctioned. $ 21 thousand one thousand and 14 yoga mats.

In Mazda RX 8 600 Pacos

Julio Monroe, who won the most fun of the last auction of the year, who had finished the Mazda RX 8 car for $ 580 thousand. "This is the second time I am on auction and I'm very happy. I was not able to finish in the previous version and now I took the car at a better price, it is inappropriate."

After winning the $ 1.4 million 1997 Toyota Prada and Hummer H 26 in 2003 for $ 2.6 million, Pedro Reggio Utres was also very excited, "I came for the first time and it is for the profession, even when I finished the business Should be more pleased "

20 years ago the merchant Fernando Prieto, who went to the auctioneer, was not very happy, "And now we did not do well because the products we had interested in increased a lot and were out of reach."

Happy Trader

Not only that, merchant Sergio gives value to the auction because "he is an excellent measure" to recover money in financial favor, although in this case he believes that "he has raised the budget he has made in most of the budget." "

A special case was Empendada and beverage vendor, Teleloi Carillo, who settled north of the auctioneers and had many interest with six LED televisions and shut them down. "This auction is attractive because I have come to sell Impannada and I also take advantage of finishing. I will use television for the presence of Christmas. My family is huge."

75-year-old businessman Gustavo Allende advised "to be a mathematician and to get the right to end the scores and to be excited, I finished 30 lots and it was convenient for him. He was auctioned for his seniority and his number was 8. Now I have the number 1 All other people have died. "

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