Tuesday , January 19 2021

The 2019 iPhone will be the Triple Main Camera design

Very soon the rumor is spreading and it is very close with respect IPhone To present this year.

Now he concludes The first one will be in the light Renders This is one of the teams.

Here it is important By 2019, Apple will follow the strategy of declaring three different variants. So, there are images in it Post (Including the cover page) it is not known exactly that three of these phones are compatible.

Apart from that, at least let us have a possible concept and imagination of the continuing path in Cupertino.

First iPhone with Triple Key Camera

The camera system will be included in the square. There can be seen that the two lenses are vertically aligned, though not the other. We can also appreciate the LED flash.

The Apple logo will be in a position to be classified as a classic in Apple phones. In the lower section, there is an iPhone legend.

The design of equipment will not change much in the last context Released a few months ago.

Sources emphasize that Smartphone This year, to be public this year, is still in the engineering accreditation phase (Engineering validation testing, EVV). That is, it has not been denied that in the future we can see new images with a new design shown here.

A TOF sensor?

According to previous data, Apple will choose because the camera behind its cell phone has a flight time sensor in those three cameras (Flight time, TOF).

This means that The time it takes to bounce an object to create a 3D map is based on that. The camera system can focus fast for this purpose.

Supplementally, this technology can also be Some connections and uses both have real reality and extended reality.

Sony, The leading TOF sensor manufacturing company, Ensures that this sensor can map the room in real time and can track the hands of users in the game.

Finally, though it is necessary to indicate that Renders They are very untimely, the idea of ​​putting three cameras, one of them being tof, does not seem so strange. If the design shown in this note seems to be genuine, then Apple users' personal comfort and welcome to me.

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