Saturday , February 4 2023

The army set up 124 troops to help the affected areas of Biobio


This Army Deployment 124 soldiers to help in an ongoing crisis in the bioboyo region, A frontal system manufacturing that affects more than 800 homes and 4,000 people are separated from road cuts, snowflows and overflowing rivers and asteroids.

According to the latest report from Omni, the total number is With 90 houses with big losses, 777 minus losses And with the damages in the evaluation of 260, registered the main number in the community Cabaret By the Monte Agila Sanctuary and the overflow of the La Mancha Channel

In addition, in the Cordiller sector Alto Biobo, Where Pehuenche communities are centered, is almost reported 4,400 people are different Due to road corridor, landslide and ice accumulation.

Army troops deployed to help in the situation affecting twenty municipalities in the region Regiment no 6 Checkers Di Concepción And Detachment No. 17 From Los Angeles; As well as Relayment N ° 9 of Chilan, no Ububle region Which functions in the field, which suffers less attacks on the next system attack.

Colonel Ivan Aguilera, The commander of the detachment, explains that "the army is currently Community Support Implementation Because it supports the Cabare Municipality in the last two days, besides those voluntary groups of people, who support the needy. "

"By the government Emergency plans of each municipality have been implemented, Which allows all the public to be organized in a planned and coordinated way with creation, "he said.

Minister Moreno says that "they are reducing the channels"

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works, Alfredo Moreno, They were moved from the area and the Carriel Sur Airport, they commented on working with the situation.

"We are monitoring the channels in that place, we have ready machinery for both roads and canals, The channels are going down, And we hope it will be resolved with the help of this equipment management and reduction of the channel. "

The owner of MOP, who also made fly-bys in this area, announced that "we are going to conduct surveys in that area because We understand what the reasons are", He added" it has rained heavily ".

Apart from this, there are 48 educational institutes at the regional level which have high level involvement through the next system, and Yellow Alert In all these regions,

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