Monday , January 18 2021

The audience expressed their anger with the passphrase to return to Miguelo's program TV and shows

Singer almost a dozen opportunities Miguel Esbier (62), referred to as Miguel, has been invited to the program Passphrase… and audiences have been severely criticized for their performance in each of the participants.

However, on Monday night the singer returned to appear on the screen of Chilivisin and, animator, expected by Julian Elfenbien, His name became the trend of social networks.

Interpreter became part of the team of Juan Jose Elgriya, who came to the event in the last episode and on Monday he participated in receiving 102 million pesos in "Al Rosco".

Although Miguelo succeeded in more than one game, The viewers used social networks shortly to display the space choice.

You have to remember that the claims against the singer When they said that they do not know about the rules of the program in the middle of some games, The reason is that Alfenben will repeat the rules in the chapter on Monday.

Check out the reactions here.

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