Monday , January 25 2021

The Chilean pilot explains what can be done with the plane carrying amelian ala

Former President of the Chilean Air Federation, Julio SuberkacexHe talked with Latest News About the accident in Argentina by the Argentine footballer Emilion ala, At the moment he moved Nantis Cardiff In a plane, which is missing.

In this regard, the pilot began to mention the characteristics of the plane in which the Trans-Andian player was traveling.

"Piper Malibu is an excellent airplane, which is capable of running the flight and is more than that, it is a small, but high-end, well-equipped aircraft. Inside the line of pipers is the top aircraft of Piston Aircraft, which is the most modern aircraft"The pilot explained.

Finally, Subcassesx gave their theory in relation to what happened to the plane. "Any object, such as this plane, sits at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour and completely disperses it"

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