Thursday , January 21 2021

The difference between the differences between the opposition and the government will be the main day of the tax reform national

On Monday afternoon, the main session is expected in one processing Tax reform In Congress

Three weeks after the assembly year, This project is still not usually voted In the finance committee of the Lower House, where the situation between the government and the opposition is far away.

They have questioned the former Nuwara Mayoria and Frête amplio Return methods That proposes before the overall system of the executive system, because why they expect to include the opening of the currency with other ideas – it Tax increase for people with high income Which is part of the Christian Democracy and PPAD approach.

For the chairman of the commission, DC deputy, Pablo Lorenzini is more likely to be Vote on a legitimate assumption in March. If it is before, it will depend on the nature of the government.

Finance Minister, Felipe Larin, has strongly insisted that the legislation will be voted to the Legislative Assumption Before the legislative settlement. He suggested that he was ready to dialogue but did not make the project ambiguous.

Advisor by Radio Bio Bio, the state's secretary suggested that he also expects Parliamentary probability.

Communist Deputy Daniel Nunze, the next president of the Finance Commission, said: It is impossible to vote The idea of ​​law this month.

During the day, will be presented, the President of Confederation of Production and Trade, Alphonse Swatt, who has been shown personally. Tax increase for high-income people, Something that was criticized by other business leaders.

In a conversation with La Radio, Swate said that he hopes those aspects Encourage growth and investment in projectsHe added that he would insist on the idea of ​​reducing the corporate tax rate.

At 3pm, the discussion of tax reform in the chamber of deputy again resumed.

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