Thursday , January 21 2021

The education related debts will not appear in commercial reports so they will introduce the project

The Education Commission's Senators will establish a project which will establish Prohibition of publication of debts made by commercial credit to commercial business reports, From school stage to higher education.

In the case of debt for basic services, Docmom reports do not have the purpose of including academic offenses Banking access allows affected peopleFor example, with a mortgage loan.

The Agency's President Provost explained that, with the state guarantee (CAEE) in the context of a lack of credit resources, and that with the current implementation of Gratuity, debt maintenance would be unreasonable.

In that sense, he pointed out that this project is just a small repairs for borrowers.

"Those who have made an important effort in academic matters, They can not have their records in any report ", He said.

For their part, the PPAD Senator Jamie convinced that Quinta Expect cross-sectional support for the initiative, And if the ruling party opposes, it will integrate the recognition of the industry into academic matters, according to which it represents a fair enrollment project.

"Obviously we are facing counter-reform in education, so this initiative has been born and should have a lot of support," he said.

In addition, the new Common Party deputy, Camilla Rojas, who chaired the Commission for the CAE, said that they decided in the conclusion of the example Errors in implementation make their collection unjustTherefore, when they are included in the Decom, they will be revised.

"He had design and implementation problems. This debt is unjust," he said.

This is the process of taking back the initiative, so that the borrowers will be removed from the commercial register, and point out that ultimately, the method of apology can be reached in the CEE.

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