Saturday , June 10 2023

The life saver died after saving the bathers in El Tabo


On a sad afternoon, a lifesaver died at Las Gaviotas beach in El Tabo, in the Valparaío Region, after trying to rescue the four baths drowning in the sea.

The man, 51, Germán Pedreros Two men were saved but could not get out of the water and died during the maneuvering.

The other two people were rescued by other bathers, and each participated in the SAMU crew at the beach.

The Navy disturbed the baths for reckless behavior and reiterated self-care.

However, the personality of the PDI carries out expert evaluations and the rescue body was transferred to Valparaiso's Legal Medical Service (SML).

Death was greatly influenced by San Antonio as the rescue It was well known in the neighborhood. In fact, the Senator of Valparaiso Francisco Chahuán He reminded me of the commitment that "Mameluko", as he knew, had the community.

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